The Nexus of Being and Nothingness as the “Solid” Ground of God’s Presence

March 4, 2017

The first, basic step of Kabbalistic enlightenment --the one Moshe took approaching the Burning Bush-- is that the meaning of God's name reveals God's true essence:  "Becoming."  But how can the "nexus of being and nothingness" be the true reality we live in, have faith in, perceive, and live by?  How can the solid ("amen") be found in the changing, and how can the soul live with a mind that depends on illusion, limits perception, and fosters an ego that identifies itself with the mind's false greatness?  If you can forgive the sound quality of the faulty microphone on my new expensive smartphone, this lesson addresses the fundamental message of an adult understanding of Judaism, of God's name and our initial enlightenment to it.


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