Owning Your Voice (Part 1) - Moses to God

August 2, 2017

Chapter 6 of Exodus concludes a long process of distraction by Moses from the revelation and mission given him by God in chapter 3.  It concludes with his infamous "speech impediment."  Is this really a speech impediment as taught in Sunday schools by fundamentalists?  Or do we need to say such things because it reflects a deep aspect of ourselves that it is too uncomfortable to confront?  Why do we neglect opportunities to speak in this world and turn down leadership --let alone even find excuses not to ask a question or write a thank you note-- because we "are not good at speaking"?  Why do we tell others, "Well, if you read some website or book... or if you just listened to what 'they' (experts) say... then you'd know..." instead of taking ownership of our positions and our own voice?  How do we follow Moses' path from "I'm bad at speaking" to "Words [the fifth book of the Torah]" where Moses owns his voice in an entire book of lectures?


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