“Daddy, Who Are Our Ancestors?” - Connecting to Them through the Seven Species on Tu B’Shvat

February 12, 2017

At bedtime recently, my six year old daughter asked me, "Daddy, who are our ancestors?"  It was not one of those profound-sounding questions that really isn't:  rather, it was a thoughtful and sincere query after watching a show about a Latina girl learning about her ancestors.  "Who are ours?" she needed to know.  In this Tu B'Shvat presentation, I show how i connect to our ancestors by going back through the Seven Species of the Land of Israel, presented in the Temple, which go back further to the lives of our shepherd ancestor Hebrews (patriarchs and matriarchs), and then even farther back to the ancestral memories of the first few chapters of Genesis, of the gatherer humans of 3000 BCE to 9000 BCE in the Tigris-Euphrates region with their figs, grapes, and olives.  Our ancestors evolved, living in harmony with Creation, by living off of the bounty of trees.  And we should, too.