A Sense of Justice: The Origin of the Drops of Wine at the Seder

April 27, 2016

The origin of taking out ten or sixteen drops of wine from our cups at the Seder while reciting the 10 Plagues has a fascinating origin.  Is it worth recovering?  I think so, and I connect it to the support for both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders across the electorate today, as well as connect it to the custom of chanting Aleinu at the end of every service.


What is Freedom? The Four Questions as Satire

April 20, 2016

Want a thought to generate discussion and personal  reflection at the Seder?   There aren't four questions in the Haggadah.  There is only question, just as the Talmud insists.  There are four answers.  Two are serious.  Two are satire.  Do you know the difference?  If you do, you know what Freedom is.


What any Non-Jew (and especially teachers) Should Know About Judaism

April 18, 2016

My lecture recorded at Palomar College to future teachers and social workers.  What should a non-Jew understand about Judaism, its history and sensitivities, its overall character, and how Jews see themselves? 

THERE IS A COMPANION TEXT FOR THIS LECTURE which has the main points written out.   It is listed as a "page" you can view in the margin.